Preventive Care

Teeth Brushing
We recommend all children to brush their teeth at least twice a day, after each major meal – breakfast (morning) and dinner (evening). As your child gets older, we recommend incorporating flossing for optimal dental health and good habits. It’s important your child doesn’t swallow toothpaste / fluoride.

Infants – Gum pads and teeth should be cleaned off with gauze or a washcloth.

Toddlers – Brush twice a day with minimal toothpaste.

3 – 6 years old – Start letting your child brush their own teeth, with your supervision and guidance. You may step in with a final brush for optimal results. Begin to floss their teeth as they get closer together / tighter.

6 and older – Keep guiding your child’s dental care habits until you are positive they can maintain good oral care (teeth brushing + flossing) on their own, properly.

Protective Sealants
Sealants act as a protectant against your child’s teeth. If your child is extra prone to teeth decay or cavities, protectants help minimize the risk of cavities / decay. Sealants “seal” teeth off and prevent bacteria.
Space Maintainers
Space maintainers help keep your child’s gums and smile healthy. By providing structure to your child’s mouth, space maintainers generate the right amount of room and spacing for the new permanent teeth.

We recommend avoiding hard candy (foods), sticky and chewy foods to maintain the space maintainer integrity.

Dental Checkups
We recommend regular dental checkups for optimal dental / oral health. Every 6 months is a good rule of thumb. Special cases may require less time between visits.
Teeth Cleaning Treatments
We use fluoride treatment / cleaning procedures to maintain a healthy and bright smile on your child. This includes the right application of fluoride, rinsing, cleansing and coating on your child’s teeth.