Oak Harbor Pediatric Dentistry used the latest in dental technology to ensure that your child’s visit is as smooth as possible. This results in a smoother experience for both you and the child, and better results for the dental health of your child.

Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs, commonly known as “x-rays” are vital to any dental visit. Up to 10 x-ray images are taken at an initial dental exam for children. Follow up and check up dental visits usually consist of 6-8 x-ray images, taken every 6 – 12 months to monitor dental health and progress.

One of the many benefits of dental radiographs over traditional film x-rays is the remarkable reduction of radiation exposure.

Intra Oral Cameras

This new revolutionary technology allows you to view and comprehend what your dentist is performing on your child. Usually adjacent to the dental chair is a monitor with your child’s mouth magnified and enhanced to an optimal size. This allows you to view and monitor the dentist’ work as the checkup or visit progresses.

This technology also allows us to monitor progress between checkups and overall dental health.

Sanitization, Sterilization and Patient Health

Every aspect of our practice and office uses the latest techniques in sterilization to provide optimal patient health protection. From disinfection to sterilization, each instrument and medical machinery is cleaned after use.

Each staff member is trained in the latest sanitation, sterilization an disinfectant standards so you can have a worry and germ-free visit!