Restorative Care

Primary, commonly referred to as “baby teeth”, are vital to your child’s dental health. These teeth aid your child in learning how to chew (eat), talk (speech), and pave the way for their permanent teeth.

Colored Fillings

Instead of unsightly metal fillings formed from silver and mercury, we are able to fill decay / cavities with teeth colored filings. This preserves your child’s smile and is much healthier than other options that include mercury.

Your Child’s Restorative Visit

Our goal at Oak Harbor Pediatric Dentistry is to make your child’s restorative visit as seamless as possible – for both you and them. Refrain from using words that would cause anxiety or fear in your child about this visit.

One of our dental assistants or doctors will carefully walk you and your child through the entire procedure, to make sure you as a parent stay informed, and put you and your child at ease about the visit.

After the procedure, we recommend using positive adjectives to describe the visit. Keep everything upbeat. This helps your child remember the visit as enjoyable and positive.